• Precious Moments You'll Always Be My Little Girl Bisque Porcelain Figurine


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    A wedding is filled with beautiful and heartfelt moments, and one of the most touching of all perhaps is when the father of the bride and his daughter share their dance. All eyes fall to the beautiful bride and her devoted dad who feels such pride in the young lady his child has grown to become. Both of them know, however, that even at this moment, she is still his little girl, and she always will be.

    Give this figurine to a bride or father of the bride to forever honor this tender moment they share. It is a testament to the loving bond that fathers and daughters create. This figurine is meticulously sculpted of fine bisque porcelain and is expertly hand-painted.


    Length: 5.2"
    Width: 3.5"
    Height: 5.5"