• Sterling Silver Embraced by the Heart™ Family Necklace


    Fashioned with sterling silver, this lovely Embraced by the Heart family necklace features two parents and either 1, 2 or 3 children. A designer original by Deborah Birdoes, this rhodium plated family necklace measures approximately 3/4" in length and includes an 18" rhodium plated silver cable chain.  

    This necklace comes with a inspirational message and poem:

    Item Specifications:                                                                                Silver Weight:

    Parents/1Child:        24.26mm(15/16")L x 14.5mm(9/16")W           10.25 grams

    Parents/2 Children:  25.6mm(1")L x 17.4mm(11/16")W                  10.06 grams

    Parents/3 Children   24.6mm(15/16")L x 16.68mm(11/16")W           9.81 grams

    In each one of us are two hugs inside, one waiting to give and one waiting to receive. This jewelry piece is dedicated to those who believe that being embraced by a family softens the aches of the day, puts love and hope back into life, and simply put, makes life a little better. I send to you my best embrace!
    I'd like to give to you
    A gift to remember me.
    Where there are no spoken words,
    In a language you could see.
    I'd wrap my arms around you,
    Today and always I'd send,
    An embrace to be remembered,
    One that would never end.
    © Deborah J. Birdoes