• 14K Tri Color Gold Flower Hoop Earrings


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    These beautiful hoop earrings are fashioned in Tri Color Gold and feature a flower design at the bottom of the hoop on these earrings.  The flower is done in 14K Rose Gold and the leaves are done in 14K White gold with diamond cutting to add extra sparkle.  These hoop earrings are available in 4 different sizes.

    Item Specifications:

    Material Type:  14K Gold

    Material Color:  Tri Color Gold

    X-Large Hoops:  Diameter 38mm;  Gold Weight - 3.21 grams

    Large Hoops:      Diameter 29mm;  Gold Weight - 2.93 grams

    Medium Hoops   Diameter 23mm;  Gold Weight - 2.62 grams