• 14K White or Yellow Gold American Flag Pin


    This handsome American Flag lapel pin is crafted from high polished 14K gold and boldly displays the America's stars and stripes with red and navy enamel accents.  It is available for you in either 14K White Gold or 14K Yellow Gold and the pin measures approximately 17.5mm(about 11/16") in length or 14.5mm (9/16") in length.

    Choose small or larger size

    Item Specifications:

    Dimensions:  Small - 14.5mm(9/16")L x 14mm(9/16")W

    Dimensions:  Large - 17.5mm(11/16")L x 17mm(11/16")W

    Gold Weight:  1.37 grams/Small     /     2.77 grams/Large