10K or 14K Yellow Gold Comedy/Tragedy Drama Mask Stud Earrings


The twin masks of Tragedy and Comedy are cast from fine 10k or 14k Yellow Gold and made into these gorgeous stud earrings. They make a great gift for those with a passion for the arts, especially theater. Originally used by actors in Greek theater to exaggerate emotion or play multiple characters, the masks have evolved into a prevalent symbol of not only theater, but of life itself. So be happy now and get your hands on a pair, or cry later because you missed your chance. This pair of earrings measures 1.3cm in length.

Available in your choice of 10K Yellow Gold or 14K Yellow Gold

Item Specifications:

Metal: 10K or 14K Yellow Gold

Length: 0.51 inches (1.3 cm)

Width: 0.39 inches (1.0 cm)

Gold Weight: 

10K Gold: 1.6 grams

14K Gold: 1.8 grams