10K or 14K Two Tone Gold Drama Face Theater Actor Mask Stud Earrings


The twin masks of Tragedy and Comedy are cast from fine 10k or14k Two Tone Gold and made into these gorgeous stud earrings. They make a great gift for those with a passion for the arts, especially theater. Originally used by actors in Greek theater to exaggerate emotion or play multiple characters, the masks have evolved into a prevalent symbol of not only theater, but of life itself. So be happy now and get your hands on a pair, or cry later because you missed your chance. This pair of earrings measures 1.39cm x 2.05cm.

Available in your choice of 10K Gold or 14K Gold

Item Specifications:

Metal: 10K or 14K Two Tone Gold

Length: 0.55 inches (1.39 cm)

Width: 0.81 inches (2.05 cm)

Gold Weight: 

10K Gold: 1.8 grams

14K Gold: 2.1 grams