• 14K Tri-Color Gold Three Generations of Love™ Pendant

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    Fashioned from high-polished 14K tri-color gold, this beautiful, "Three Generations of Love" pendant symbolizes the family bonds of grandparent, parent and child with white, yellow and rose gold.  A Deborah Birdoes designer original, this open-back, family pendant measures just over 1" in length. 
    Item Specifications:
    Dimensions (Approx): 26.25mm (1")H x 12mm (1/2")W
    Gold Weight: 2.76 grams

    Poem:  Generations of Love
    Years come and go, as love continues to grow. One generation to another, passing what they know. Fragile as they are, one can't stop the years. Sharing all the laughter as well as all the tears. Grandparent, parent and child building a legacy of love. Giving them wings to grow and lessons from above. Growing a garden of memories, from their family seeds. Proving in this world, all three generations we need. Traditions being built up, treasures that are grown. Heart and hands working together, never left alone. Linking all the wisdom to the future from the past. Creating what is important, a love that will always last. Deborah J. Birdoes
    Quote from Scripture:
    "Watch yourselves closely, so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them slipfrom your hear....Teach them to your children and to their children after them." Deuteronomy 4:9
    This item comes with a gift box and a card with a poem and verse from scripture

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